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Hello There. 

My name is Alicia Herber and I'm a creative perfectionist that has a lot of heart for what I do. I'm a Shorty Award winning video producer and artist that knows how to make things MOVE. I'd say I'm pretty good at making things people love to watch because my personal social media channel presently has over 150 million views. I can develop diverse visual styles, manage social media strategy to grow an audience, storyboard video concepts, create mind-blowing stop motion animations, work art department, edit videos with a keen attention to timing, design graphics and logos, and all the administrative stuff in between. I have worked directly with a wide range of clients including many Fortune 500 companies, like Microsoft, Amazon, Target, Coca-Cola, Samsung and Ford. When I'm not working I'm  usually hanging out with my cats or watching cartoons or watching cartoons with my cats. I have an obsession for color, new art supplies and 90's music. For more information about my experience, portfolio or how you can collaborate on an upcoming project, please click the button below.

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